Everyone is Important, Appreciated and Loved

Although there are many bigger church groups and organisations doing wonderful things, some people feel as if they get lost in the bigger congregations and/or do not experience a supportive connectivity with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Some may feel isolated and although they may enjoy the services, there is a real sense that they are quite lonely. They may feel that because they are not in a particular in-house ministry that they don't really belong and most sadly, rightly or wrongly, they tend to feel their needs are not being met and they are not really loved.

In Love House Fellowship you will never get lost in the crowd as we have a much smaller group. Every individual is Important, Appreciated and Loved. Everyone is precious in God's eyes and that makes YOU special to us.

God loves us and wants to restore us.

Many people go through times of hurt, pain, discouragement, loneliness, bereavement, marital problems, family problems etc and need someone to be there to support them. Others may be struggling with debt, addictions, rejection, anger and many other issues along their life journey.

We at Love House Fellowship know what it is like to experience some of these as well as many other issues that life sometimes throws at us.

Whatever you are going through in life, let us be there for you!
Come and join us in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

We may not have the answers for absolutely everything, but we know someone who does!

Registered Charity number: 1170585

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